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Company Overview

NeuroTrain Advanced Training Solutions, founded in 1999, brings together resources and technologies to provide services focusing on online training solutions for the world's top technology vendors including VMware, Broadcom, HP/HPE, Nortel and Sun Microsystems.   

We offer services that include delivery resources, instructional course design, and development and testing of training labs. Please use contact form below if this matches any of your needs.

Continuous Innovation

For over 25 years, NeuroTrain ATS has been at the forefront of innovation.

One of the first to deliver virtual classes,  automated labs, and VR augmented training tools.

Global Deliveries

Our exceptional services have delivered top-notch training solutions worldwide.

We have trained directly with vendors for most  Fortune 500 companies.

Client Satisfaction

We take pride in our long-standing relationships with satisfied clients across diverse industries, ensuring our services meet and exceed expectations.

Get expertise with instructional design, digital/virtual course delivery, and development of concept  reinforcement hands on labs!

Principal Instructors

We are please to highlight some of the achievements of our principal Instructors.

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Francois Bechard - Principal Instructor / Owner

As a Principal Instructor and Owner, Francois Bechard leads by example with regards to course delivery and professional development. 

He has delivered 150+ different vendor courses from HP/HPE, VMware, Nortel, Broadcom, and Sun Microsystems. He leads these courses with superior technical knowledge from hands-on experience and a strong foundation of teaching skills from attending instructor workshops. He is a Langevin Certified Instructor/Instructional Designer and HP, Nortel, VMware Certified Instructor and an Amazon Authorized Instructor.


Industry Awards and Certifications



VMware: VCI Level 1 & 2 (2007+), VCAP4/5-DCA, VCAP-NV2020, VCIX-NV2020, VCP-NV2024/ 2019/ 6/ 5, VCP-DV2024/ 2022/ 7/ 6.5/ 6/ 5/ 4/ 3, VCP-Cloud, VCP-DTM6/5 

Amazon AWS: AAI, SAA-C03, CLF-C02

VMware/Broadcom Authorized Class List

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Stephen DeBarros - Principle Instructor / YouTuber 

As a Principle Instructor, Stephen DeBarros gets consistent 5/5 course reviews from his students. 

He has over 30 years as a professional instructor including 20+ years as a Senior Instructor for IBM Canada. His background includes teaching and supporting various Server, Storage, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Networking, BladeCenter hardware and as Lead Instructor of VMware technologies for IBM North America. For 15+ years he excelled as a VMware Instructor teaching various vSphere, vSAN, Site Recovery Manager, NSX, and Lead Instructor for NSX Troubleshooting.

Content Creator and host for the YouTube channel "Tech Unglued".  

Presentations and Certifications

Guest speaker


VMware: VCI Level 1-2 (2008+), VCP-DV 2/3/4/5/6, 2023, VCIX-NV, VCP-NV

Others: CCNA, Server +, RHCE

VMware/Broadcom Authorized Class List

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 Merle Ilgenfritz - Principle Instructor / Writer

Merle has been teaching computer technology classes for 32 years. He originally started teaching at a number of universities, colleges and technical training centers in the Boston and Rhode Island area. 

He has taught over 160 different Windows operating system and Windows application based classes, over 90 different Sun Microsystems (Oracle) classes, and over 230 different classes for VMware (Broadcom).

He has a wide background in hardware, networking, virtualization, cloud platforms, programming, OS and application training.

Merle has over 15 years partnering with VMware in delivering training, extensive experience in course development, and is a co-author of a book on preparing for VMware Certification. 

He is curently leading the adoption of VMware Cloud Foundations (VCF) by doing enablement training internally at VMware / Broadcom.



VMware: VCI Level 1-2 (2006+),  

VCP-DV 2/3/4/5/6/6.5/2020

Others: CompTIA A+

VMware/Broadcom Authorized Class List

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 John Ilgenfritz - Principal Instructor / Writer

As a Principal Instructor John has over 15 years partnering with VMware in delivering training and experience in course development. A VMware Certified Instructor since 2007 he has delivered over 500 engagements both in-person and online from a repertoire for over 200 courses. 

In the early 2000s, he worked as a senior software engineer. Languages included C, C++, Java and numerous scripting languages. Maintained a development environment using VMware virtualization solutions. Supported global team members and assisted with provisioning remote development build environments along with source control systems.

In addition, he has provided consulting services leveraging his virtualization experience. Designed performance optimization strategies and implemented migration solutions for remote multi-site data centers.

He is also co-author of a book on preparing for VMware certification.


Awards and Certifications


VMware Top 10 Certified Instructor 2023 - AMER


VMware: VCI Level 1-2 (2007+),  VCP-DCV 3,4,5,6,7 


Linux Foundation:  LFS201, LFS207, LFS211, LFS216, LFS253

Others: CompTIA A+, MCSE on Widows NT 4.0

VMware/Broadcom Authorized Class List

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 NeuroTrain employs and sub-contracts a wide range of instructors that focus on different technologies. Please contact us for additional info.

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